Wound Care and Nursing

As the science of wound care evolves into a lot of advanced setting, nursing is challenged to meet this complexity. Traditionally and generically, wound healing has been under the patronage of basic nursing care follow encompassing dressings and infection management however conjointly promotion of therapeutic nutrition, mobility, psychosocial support, hygiene, and comfort.  At all levels, in follow settings spanning from critical care through palliative care, from hospitals to battlefield, and from gene therapy to gauze, it is the nurse who is principally caring for patients with wounds. The role of nursing in wound care from a historical and organic process patients with wounds.  The role of nursing in wound care from a historical and evolutionary perspective helps to characterize the trend towards advanced apply nursing within the wound care specialty. Delineation of nursing roles according to Nursing Education, licensure and certification can enhance collaboration with the wound team and achieve best outcomes for patients

  • Acute Wound care Nursing
  • Cancer Wound care Nursing
  • Surgical Wound care Nursing
  • Emergency Wound care Nursing
  • Palliative Wound care Nursing
  • Pediatric Wound Care Nursing
  • Geriatric Wound Care Nursing
  • Accidents Wound care Nursing
  • Surgical Wound care Nursing
  • Diabetic Wound care Nursing
  • Cancer Wound care Nursing
  • Chronic Wound care Nursing
  • Nursing types
  • Nursing Education

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