Wound Care and Lymphedema

Lymphedema is abnormal swelling caused by a lymphatic system. It is usually found in the arms or legs and can also affect the trunk, face, or genitalia. Primary lymphedema is a congenital problem caused by a decrease in the number or size of the lymphatic vessels. Secondary lymphedema results from damage caused by surgery, radiation therapy, injury, infection, venous insufficiency, scar tissue, cancer and inflammation. It is a result of an accumulation of protein-rich fluid in superficial tissues. Early stages of lymphedema may be temporarily reduced by simple elevation of the limb. Without proper treatment, however, the protein-rich swelling causes a progressive hardening of the affected tissues, along with recurrent cellulitis and possibly fungal infection. In general, the most severe wounds occur in the most advanced stages of lymphedema. Proper diagnosis, early detection and appropriate treatment can effectively slow the progression of Lymphedema

  • lymphedema and cellulitis
  • Wound care and Edemas
  • Wound care and Lymphatic Drainage
  • lymphedema and Insect bites
  • lymphedema and Nutrition
  • Lymphedema and Occupation Therapy
  • Lymphedema and Quality of Life
  • Lymphedema and Treatment

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