Wound Care and Nutrition

Nutrition plays an essential role in wound healing and wound care practices and nutritional support needs to be considered a fundamental part of wound management. Wound healing is a complex process; it is the process of replacing injured tissue with new tissue produced by the body which demands an increased consumption of energy and particular nutrients, particularly protein and calories. Poor nutrition before or during the healing process may delay healing and impair wound strength, making the wound more prone to breakdown. Neglecting the nutritional health of an individual with a wound can compromise the entire wound management process. Without adequate nutrition healing may be impaired and prolonged. Improved nutritional status enables the body to heal wounds such as the accelerated wound healing seen with nutritional supplementation

  • Wound care and Therapeutic Diets
  • Wound Care and Vitamin C
  • Wound Care and Protein Diet
  • Wound Care and Nutrition Therapy
  • Wound Care Nutrition Assessment
  • Wound Care Nutritional Supplements

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