Venue & Hospitality

Venue: Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia
Via Aurelia Km 8,400
00163 Rome, Italy
TEL: +1-702-508-5201

Conference Dates: October 15-16, 2018

Hotel Services & Amenities

  • Audio/Visual Equipment Rental.
  • Business Center.
  • Business Phone Service.
  • Complimentary Printing Service.
  • Express Mail.
  • Fax.
  • Meeting Rooms.
  • Office Rental.
  • Photo Copying Service.
  • Secretarial Service.
  • Telex.
  • Typewriter.
  • Video Conference.
  • Video Messaging.
  • Video Phone.
  • ATM.
  • Baggage Storage.

Venue Hotel

Venue Hotel


Driving Directions to
23 min (29.6 km)
via A90
21 min without traffic
Ciampino Airport
Via Appia Nuova, 1651, 00040 Ciampino RM, Italy
Get on Grande Raccordo Anulare/A90/E80 from Strada Statale 7 Via Appia
4 min (3.1 km)
Follow Grande Raccordo Anulare/A90. Take exit 1 from Grande Raccordo Anulare/A90
16 min (23.6 km)
Continue on Via Aurelia/SS1. Drive to Strada Statale 1 Variante Aurelia di La Spezia
4 min (2.9 km).

Route Map

About City

Rome has a status of the global city. It is known as the “Eternal city” and also “Caput Mundi,” coming from Latin and meaning capital of the world. The population of the city of Rome is around 2.7 million. The entire metropolitan area of Rome has an estimated 3.7 million people. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Europe was the most frequently visited region in the world in 2015, accounting for over half (51.4 %) of all international tourist arrivals, equivalent to some 609 million persons. The wealth of European cultures, the variety of its landscapes and the quality of its tourist infrastructure are likely to be an attraction. The centre of Rome is compact, and wandering the ruins on foot is a great way to see the city. Street life is vibrant and constant. The architectural design is consuming, and close proximity of ancient sights make for a comfortable and convenient walk. Rome is easily divided into two regions: the inner city, within the Aurealian Wall, built in the late third century to enclose the area around the Seven Hills; and the sprawling outer city, with its suburbs. The historical center is a small area, located almost entirely on the eastern bank of the Tiber River. Monuments of Rome’s past eminence are located mostly within the historical center and are a stark contrast to the modern districts. 

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